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Manufacturing Solutions

Component Manufacturing

We pride ourselves on our modern and flexible approach to machining. Our expertise includes CNC Turning, CNC Milling, EDM,Conventional Machining, Grinding etc. We are specialized in the manufacturing of automobile components for use in a wide range of automobile industries. We are into manufacturing and supply of valves and pump, textile machinery components as per client’s specifications.

Jigs and fixtures

We design and manufacture small to medium sized jigs and fixtures for machining centers and work holding applications, and also for special purpose machines.

Our well equipped workshop and highly skilled staff enable us to treat every job as a package tailoring it to the individual customers’ requirements. We manufacture jigs and fixtures from most types of materials.

We communicate accordingly from design approval to completion by ensuring the product meeting exact specifications. This approach enables us to hit tight lead times every time.

Tool Path Generation

We provide NC programs for machining operations done on milling centre, lathes and wire cut machines with complete shop floor documentation. Manufacturing Solutions include optimum tool Path Generation (NC/CNC Codes) and simulation using CAD Models for milling upto 5-axis. Our tool path provides longer tool life, reduced cycle time with high precession and surface finish.